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McKinney Campground site 87

Holiday weekends, when camping etiquette is at an all time low. 

McKinney Campground is located in Acworth, Ga on Lake Allatoona. A Corps of Engineers park, it has 150 RV campsites, two beaches, one playground, and a boat ramp. We have camped at McKinney thirteen times; it’s our go-to campground, nine miles from home. To help you choose your next reservation, details and photos from all of our previous visits can be found in the McKinney Campground category.

We booked this particular campsite right at six months from our arrival date. About half of the waterfront sites were already booked. It helped that we were starting our reservation on Thursday so that we were booking a day ahead of anyone coming in on Friday. 

About a year ago we stayed on campsite 89, a 40ft back-in site that had a great view of the water. We enjoyed the quiet cul-de-sac and had our eyes on another campsite in that same loop. 

McKinney Campground 89
site 89

In our thirteen times that we have stayed at McKinney I’ve never picked a favorite campsite. There are so many great ones—it’s easier for me to pick a top five. Campsite 87 is definitely in the top five at McKinney Campground on Lake Allatoona. 

McKinney Campground  site 87 88

Campsite 87 is a 36ft back-in site with great water access. The driveway of the campsite fits multiple cars and would work if you have a boat/trailer. The outdoor living area is large and would fit a big tent. What we really liked about it was how much shade campsite 87 had throughout the day. It also has a couple trees at the front of the site that are great for hammocks. 

There are two paths to the water, one right off the driveway that is slightly steep and another off the side. The path that runs down from the side near the fire pit cuts through some vegetation. The path opens up at the bottom to a sandy/rocky water entrance. It’s just right for small children to play in the water. 

The road leading to the cul-de-sac is perfect for bikes and scooters. Not many cars come down the road. Campsites 86-94 are a 3- to 5-minute walk to the bathhouse. On the map below the bathhouse is located where the loop begins.

Many of the campers in our loop brought their boats with them to camp, however not all of them had waterfront campsites. There is a path to the water and a place for a boat between sites 86 and 87. A family from all the way over on site 95 parked their boat here. This meant every time (multiple times a day) they wanted to get to the boat, they walked down our driveway and through the path behind our camper.

This boat pulled into that spot on Friday evening and another pontoon was right behind them. I could see the guy eyeing the spot RIGHT IN FRONT of our campsite. He even turned his boat and had it lined up to beach it when I got up from my chair to let him know he needed to pull further down into the cove. If he had pulled his boat in right there he would have had to walk right through our camping pad to get to his site. Not to mention taking up our water access to the lake.

McKinney Campground  site 87 water access

He responded that his campsite was right up there, pointing at 91 & 92. I said that I didn’t care, he wasn’t going to park his boat right in front of my site. The guy did not put up a fight and moved down into the cove—not in front of anyone’s site. PSA to all boat owners: reserve a campsite where you can shore your boat, don’t try to steal someone else’s water access. Has something like this ever happened to you?

We reserved the campsite through Monday night so that we could enjoy the extra day, though we couldn’t stay overnight. We left after dinner and (extra perk) had the dump station to ourselves. 

Campsite 88 at McKinney Campground

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  • Kyle Salone

    Great info. Thanks for all your posts. We are only minutes from Allatoona landing (its where we store our 2021 Grand Design imagine 2800bh)
    We are new to camping and find your detailed blogs very helpful!
    Cheers. Hope to see y’all out there.

    The Salones

    • ImagineCamper

      Glad our blogs have been helpful! Congrats on the new Imagine. So exciting. If you ever see us around the campground please say hey.
      Happy Camping and Safe Travels!
      Heather & Suzy Seal

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