Meet the Seals

Hi, my name is Suzy. I’m constantly dreaming of the next adventure our family will go on in the camper we purchased in the spring of 2017. I never imagined I would own a camper, or at least not until I was above the age of 60. Here we are! I’m excited to share all of our adventures, what we like about each campground, the best sites, and some photos along the way.

I’m married to the love of my life. She is the pilot of our adventures and goes above and beyond to make sure our set up will last us for years to come. In 2019 we added a baby girl to our tribe and she was quick to become a professional camper. Our family expanded again in 2023 with a baby boy. We have two fur babies who I like to say motivated our purchase for the travel trailer. Cedar and Summit come along for all of our adventures, no dog sitter needed!

I teach United States History to 11th graders. Besides enjoying the job itself, I’m also thankful to have many breaks to relax and reset. In the future I hope to spend more of those breaks exploring our country, taking our pack along for the ride.