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MarCELL Temperature Monitoring System

When we purchased our camper in 2017, we knew that we needed something to keep our dogs safe in the camper, especially if we leave the campground. Even if we are nearby in the campground, we want to know if something goes wrong at our site. When researching temperature monitoring systems, Marcell was the most recommended by other campers. 

marcell temperature monitoring system

The temperature monitoring system plugs into the camper and sends a text message to you if the camper reaches a temperature/humidity range below or above your preferred settings. The monitor does not require wifi, but uses Verizon or AT&T towers to text you. This is important for camping as most campgrounds (state parks and Corps of Engineers) do not have wifi. The subscription allows for up to 9 people to be alerted by the monitor. 

Having a temperature monitoring system is important because if the camper loses power for any reason, the pets in the camper could overheat in as little as 30 minutes. Campers are made of aluminum, which collects heat at a much quicker pace than a sticks and bricks house. The stress of heat or lack of air flow could lead to overheating or even death.

Power outages at the electrical post in campgrounds are more common than you may think. There is also a risk of the entire campground losing power or your own camper’s A/C system failing. If your camper is unplugged for any reason, you would receive a text message that the power is off. Marcell’s monitor has a battery backup and will continue to monitor the temperature for 48 hours. 

We have used Marcell for six years and have been happy with the product. Here are a couple examples of when the dogs would be left in the camper while we were out and about. On our first trip to Vogel State Park in 2018 we attended a wedding at Kaya Vineyards and left the dogs in the camper during the ceremony. When our family goes to the beach (Huntington Beach State Park and North Beach RV Resort) we leave the dogs in the camper for a couple of hours while we enjoy the ocean and sand. In September 2021 we took a trip to Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney and left the dogs in the camper to go to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Even if we leave the dogs in the camper to go on a bike ride, we know our dogs are safe and comfortable in the camper. 

The plan for our family is to never be more than 30 minutes away. If we were to get the text message from Marcell that the camper is at a high temperature we would immediately go back and check on them. In the circumstance that we could not get to them within 30 minutes, we would call someone at the campground to check on them. Another reason the keypad lock is a great idea. We would be able to give the code to the campground host. 

camping with dogs

One tip when using the temperature monitoring system is to place it in a location away from a window. On our trip to Waterside at Blue Ridge we were at a vineyard close by when we received the text message. We immediately went back to the camper, but when I opened the door the air was blowing fine. Checked the temperature monitoring system and it was sitting on the counter in front of the kitchen window. The blinds were open and the heat of the sun set off the monitor. This shows the accuracy of the monitor. 

Marcell’s temperature monitoring system can be used for more than just the safety of your pets. We recently boondocked at a dirt bike race and ran the generator to have the A/C on for the dogs. We were across the field at the race, but if the generator had run out of gas while we were gone, the temperature monitor would have notified us. 

Proudly made in the United States, Marcell also prides itself on their customer service. We personally have never needed their customer service. We purchased the 4G monitor system for $189 with free shipping. It does require a subscription service for the cellular system that provides the instant text message alert. The subscription is $8.25 a month and can be turned on and off, for example, when you have an off-season from camping.

We are excited to be Marcell Ambassadors and love that we have a discount code to share with our followers. When you are first purchasing your monitor the discount code Imagine25 will save you $25 on your purchase. Please let us know if you have any questions about Marcell.

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