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Victoria Campground – 25


Bring ant bait — more than you think you will need. 

Victoria Campground map

Victoria Campground is located in Woodstock, GA. A Corps of Engineers park, it has 75 campsites, a beach, playground, boat ramp and boat dock. We have camped at Victoria Campground three other times. To help you choose your next reservation, details and photos from all of our previous visits can be found in the Victoria Campground category. We booked this site (a favorite by many) six months out from the reservation, as soon as the COE website let us book.

Victoria Campground is actually closer to our house than McKinney Campground. Reasons we love Victoria Campground include the location on the lake, small feeling of the campground (walking both loops equates to about 1 mile), and that it has two dump stations. 

Victoria Campground

We have previously stayed in campsites 22, 13, and 55 — all great campsites. During our stay at campsite 22, we had an opportunity to scope out campsite 25 and were able to snag it for the holiday weekend. Our friends stayed in campsite 22 this trip and our baby monitor reached between the two sites.

Campsite 25 is a 60ft back-in campsite with a great view of a cove. There are steps down to the water where you will find great access for swimming or kayaking. The campsite has a concrete picnic table in the middle and the fire pit sits on the side overlooking the lake. We also liked that the campsite sits farther back from the road. 

site 25

The beach and playground are in close proximity to campsite 25. In front of the driveway multiple roads connect to create an intersection where you will constantly find kids riding bikes and scooters. The bathroom is a bit longer of a walk, around to the front of the campground. 

Ants were a big problem this camping trip. Be prepared for ants as they are everywhere. We had a couple rain storms that motivated them to get inside the camper, thankfully never in our food. Monday morning we dealt with a huge storm that must have washed away the ant killer. We woke up with multiple trails of ants inside the camper. When the weather cleared up and we ventured outside there were ants all over the camper. 

We continued to battle the ants throughout the day. Originally we had plans to stay through dinner Monday night, but wanted to get the camper home and get rid of the problem asap. 

If you are looking for a great campsite to shore a boat, sites 51-57 are great options. Almost every campsite in that line up had a boat shored in the cove, in front of their campsite. Campsite 26, next to us, also had a great spot to shore their boat in front of their campsite. This became a problem when the people in campsite 17 pulled their pontoon up into that spot. 

Campsite 26 asked them to move their boat and apparently the campers from 17 told them to F off. This was all communicated to us by our neighbors who came over in the morning on Saturday complaining. They went on to ask us if they could shore their boat in front of our campsite. I replied by saying it was okay to put it off to the left of our campsite, but not directly in front of the stairs where my kids would be swimming. 

About twenty minutes later the campers in 17 had pulled their boat out from the spot, but the neighbors had already called the Cherokee sheriffs. Three cops pulled up to speak with the campers in 26 and then left. Later in the day the campers in 17 unloaded their people off to the left of our campsite. Those people then walked up the trail between the two sites and onto our driveway. We didn’t quiet our dogs as they passed by. 

This is the second time a boat owner has tried to put their boat directly in front of our campsite. At least this time, the neighbor asked first. I understand that no one owns the water, but I took the time and energy to pick out the campsite and that should be respected. As a boat owner it is their responsibility to get a campsite that the boat can be shored in front of or they need to pull their boat out on their trailer. 

victoria campground site 25

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