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If you’re looking for a campsite with privacy, waterfront access, and a long driveway, we have all the details. 

Victoria Campground is located in Woodstock, GA on Lake Allatoona. A Corps of Engineers park, it has 75 campsites, a beach, playground, boat ramp and boat dock. We have camped at Victoria Campground two other times. To help you choose your next reservation, details and photos from all of our previous visits can be found in the Victoria Campground category. 

The last time we stayed at Victoria Campground, we walked the loops to check out which other sites we might like to reserve in the future. Site 13 was top of my list because it is waterfront and has privacy from other sites. It is located down a 50-ft. driveway with woods on both sides of the campsite. 

From the campsite there are stairs down to a path that leads to the water. The entry to the water was fantastic—with small pebble rocks, it is easy for a toddler to get in. The path was easy to navigate with kayaks and was not terrible to bring them back up at the end of the weekend. 

Through the woods behind campsite 13 we could sometimes hear people in the day use area. There is a well worn path behind site 11 through the woods to the water in between our campsite and the boat dock. There is a fence between the day use boat dock and ramp, but it only runs to the water. Depending on the level of the lake, it’s easy to walk around the fence. 

Saturday morning we woke up and opened the door to three young men fishing at the bottom of our campsite. One turned around and asked if we wanted him to move. I replied yes, that we would be swimming there all day. They packed up and walked back through the woods to the day use area (not on a path.) I believe this is probably a rare occurrence, but sometimes that could come up being so close to day use.  

site 13 Victoria Campground

We also booked site 14 for our friends who were camping with us over the weekend. Site 14 is a 35-ft. back-in campsite with a beautiful trail to the water. The campsite is closer and more open to the road than our site, 13. It also has stairs from the back of the campsite down to a trail to get to the water. There are a couple larger rocks to walk over before the pebble entry—still doable for a toddler.

One thing about these two campsites that I am not a fan of is the concrete picnic table. They are placed in the center of the camping pad leaving the campfire to be squished into one side. In site 13 the picnic table ended up being right in front of our camper door. It wasn’t a huge problem, but wasn’t ideal.

On Friday we kayaked over to the day-use beach to swim for a little bit. It’s an easy kayak trip if the boat ramp is not busy. Past the boat dock and ramp, Victoria Campground has a large day use beach. This beach is cool because the swimming area connects to an island. So older kids and adults who have floats can swim all the way over to the island. The water in front of the island is about 2-ft. deep for awhile. We got out and played there as well. 

Almost every day we walked the campground with the dogs. The two loops are almost 1 mile and mostly flat. Our daughter enjoyed the playground and we never used the campground beach, but it seemed like many people did on Saturday and Sunday. 

Almost every day of our stay at Victoria Campground a pop-up storm happened around dinner time. Super inconvenient when you’re cooking dinner outside. Friday we managed to hold down the shade tent while Heather made pizzas on the Blackstone. Saturday our friends hosted us for dinner and the storm got so bad we had to run all of the food into their camper to finish eating. It was nice to enjoy their brand new Grand Design Imagine. 

Sunday we took our time packing up, enjoying another kayak trip in the morning. Since we had two cars with us this trip I drove over to the dump station when it was time for us to leave to check the line length. At the time there was only one travel trailer dumping and no line. This dump station, at the front of the campground, is tricky because campers could come in from both directions. The camper that dumped after us struggled to fit his large fifth wheel into the dump station. There is another dump station in the back of the campground near sites 59 and 60. Victoria Campground does have a black flush hose that will connect to campers. 

Things we learned at Victoria Campground:

1. Our favorite mobile RV technician came through again. A couple months ago he did work for us on our slide floor, completely replacing it. The carpet needed to be replaced, but it was on back-order from Grand Design for a couple of weeks. We picked up our camper from Dan when the floor was in and camped a couple times without the carpet. During our stay at Victoria he came to our campsite to put in the new carpet. It’s so nice to have the carpet again.

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