FlexArmor RV Roof

At the beginning of the 2021 season we opened our camper for our first trip and found a brown streak down the bedroom wall. There was no puddle to be seen in the camper, but we knew there must be a leak. Once I climbed onto the roof I still had a hard time finding the source of the leak.

Near the bedroom vent I noticed a soft spot about the size of a basketball and then found the smallest slit in the membrane of the roof of the camper. I patched the hole with Eterna Bond and sealant before we called our insurance company to file a claim. Pictures and details on the damage later… We called two local people and received quotes, but they were too backed up to do the work. Dealerships weren’t even a consideration as they would have our camper for months. 

The third company we reached out to was RV Roof Atlanta out of Suwanee, GA. Let me start with this—do not look elsewhere for RV roof repair. Get the FlexArmor with lifetime warranty! Their slogan is “Meet the last RV roof you will ever need.” 

FlexArmor RV Roof

FlexArmor is the only sprayed polyurea in the RV industry. It is seamless, so it eliminates the most common causes of leaks. We knew about the soft spot by the vent, but when they took our roof apart they found another area of rotted wood in the corner by the front cap. 

The FlexArmor roof is three times thicker than the roof that came on the camper. You can see the thickness in the photo from inside our A/C unit. We had to redo our Turbocharge A/C modification since they had to pull it apart to spray the FlexArmor down into the vent. A thicker roof means a quieter camper and warmer camper for the winter. 

If that wasn’t enough to sell us on the FlexArmor roof, let’s circle back to that lifetime warranty. A fully transferable, written, no leak guarantee that is good for the life of the camper. It’s covered by any FlexArmor shop, regardless of where the original work was completed. 

James and Reece, the owners of RV Roof of Atlanta were fantastic. They answered all my questions and had their guys take plenty of photos at my request. We dropped off on Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. and they had the camper ready to be picked up Friday afternoon. Everyone was friendly and we felt good about leaving our camper with them for this big job. 

You’re probably wondering what it costs—it’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny. Our camper roof is about 19 feet with quite a few fixtures. The original quote before seeing the damage was about $4100. The quote from RV roof Atlanta was about a thousand less than my quotes from the first two companies replace the wood and put down a new membrane. 

And now to the soggy part and I’m not exaggerating because James stuck his finger into the damaged wood and it went right through. The wood was completely saturated and plenty of mold was growing. Our Labor Day weekend trip had just happened and we managed to pick up quite a few ants at the campground. When packing up I noticed them climbing up the back left jack, but RV Roof Atlanta found them pouring out of the damage to the roof in the front right. Here’s a video to gross you out. 

All damaged wood was replaced and insulation was replaced. We needed about 1.5 sheets of OSB plywood which brought the price up about $300. James said our Grand Design Imagine was about middle of the road for damage, but not the worst he has seen. 

I’m still on cloud nine about how pretty that white roof is. Now to keep it clean! We are good to use mild bleach/water mixtures or products like simple green. Anything non-abrasive will work to clean the FlexArmor roof. 

It’s unfortunate that this type of roof can only be obtained aftermarket. Thor reached out to FlexArmor about their work, but these companies want to be able to put on a roof in 15 minutes and move on with production. It takes two days for the RV to be cleaned, prepped, sprayed, and cure. They take their time and make sure their work is precise. Highly recommend RV Roof Atlanta if you are in need of any repairs for your camper roof or if you are looking to upgrade to the best product on the market. 

Flex Armor RV Roof Sprayed

All opinions are our own and we received nothing from the company for this review. Except the yeti cup James gave to us, that he probably gives that to every customer! 

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