Peragon Truck Bed Cover

Peragon Truck Bed Cover

We have had our Colorado Z71 2.8L Turbo Diesel for eight years and it has been a great truck, even as our family started to grow. With the birth of our son and the addition of a second car seat to the truck we started to feel some space constraints when it came to traveling or even grocery shopping. A bed cover is the ideal addition if you need to gain a significant amount of space. It will help with our travels and shopping trips where secure storage is needed. 

Our must-haves for a bed cover are for it to be solid/durable, retractable, and include a lock. One of the big reasons we chose Peragon over its competitors is the quick release feature of the panels. The quick release makes the cover easy to remove and to have full use of the bed again without a big bulky box taking up truck bed space. With the combination of the Peragon lock and the truck’s tailgate lock we feel our storage is well secured and a good deterrent for theft. 

Peragon Truck Bed Features/Benefits:

  • Quick retract gives you easy access to your gear and folds back to just seven inches
  • Quick release feature makes it easy to remove completely 
  • Low-profile design preserves full rear visibility by retracting into the bed
  • Weather-sealed solid aluminum track and sealed ball bearings keep the elements out

The cover installation took about three hours and definitely could have been completed in less time, but we referred to the manual and install videos numerous times to ensure we were following the steps correctly. Peragon did a great job with their installation videos and paired with the manual it would be very difficult to install incorrectly. 

The Peragon model for the Colorado requires drilling four holes on the interior bed rail lip. We were nervous about this, but after seeing the placement of the holes it was not a concern. It would be easy to fill the holes to hide if we ever wanted to stop using the cover. 

The cover is a sleek design and sits low-profile to the truck bed. In fact, it is a positive addition to the appearance of the truck and we are very happy with the installed final product. Bonus: the Peragon cover is made in the U.S.A. by a family-owned company. If you are looking for a truck bed cover, be sure to check out Peragon here. They even gave our followers a 15% off discount code – IMAGINE15

Peragon Truck Bed Cover

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