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Victoria Campground

07.31.20-08.02.20 Victoria Campground Review

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I’ve finally figured it out. The best campground on Lake Allatoona after McKinney Campground is Victoria!

Victoria Campground pleasantly surprised us because we were worried about the location in Bartow County. To get to Victoria Campground you will drive through multiple residential streets. Next to the campground is a large day-use beach and private marina.

The campground is on the smaller side, with 75 campsites, but many of them are waterfront. The location of Victoria Campground is great for swimming, it’s right in the middle of the main portion of the lake. It can get rather busy on the water here, especially on the holiday weekends.

We reserved site 55, a pull-thru in one of the two coves of the campground. All of the campground has two lane roads, but it was really nice to have the extra wide lanes as you drive through. Site 55 has a lot of trees, but mid-day there was direct sunlight on our site. It was level and easy to get in and out of. I especially liked the access to the water. The site had a railing around it with steps down to a path that led to the water. The woods seemed like a great place for kids to play, with plenty of trees for hammocks.

Down the road there is extra parking with a path to the water for another option to swim. I was able to catch the sunset over the lake from this spot. We walked past the beach and playground. The beach had a huge area of sand and the playground seemed like any other campground playground. Site 29 sits right in front of the playground, if that would appeal to you.

The campground only has the two loops and it is very flat. Great for riding bikes! A man on an electric scooter came around and around our loop having a great time. It does have two dump stations which was surprising for the small size of the campground and great for us when we left Sunday. No line and no one waiting behind us. It’s possible the two dump stations are there because the sites across the road from us are not facing the correct location to be able to use the dump we accessed. I would not book site 4, when we walked past the dump smell was still strong around this site.

Other sites I would be interested in booking are 19, 22, 25, and 26; with 25 being my first choice for water access. It sits right out in front of the beach. Site 22 also has a great view and water access. I’ve seen people say on Facebook that the best sites are 22-25, but keep in mind the water can be busy and rough. Also not all of them have a cleared, easy access to the water–but they might have a good view of the lake.

Sunset Grille is directly across the street from the campground inside Victoria Landing Marina. We ate there on the patio for an early dinner Saturday evening. It started to get busy around 5:30 p.m. If you look online they don’t have great reviews, but there are many people that love the restaurant/bar. We had great service and enjoyed the burger. I ordered the Boat-ton-of-nachos and was not impressed. The plate was not big enough for the amount of food and the cheese was dry. I would go back to Sunset Grille, but would not order the nachos. The dogs stayed back at the camper when we went out to eat. We feel comfortable leaving them because of our temperature monitoring system.

All in all this campground is number 2 on my list of Allatoona Lake Campgrounds. Eventually I may do a post on my ranking of all of the campgrounds on Lake Allatoona, but until then know that Imagine Camper ranks McKinney as 1, Victoria Campground 2, and Sweetwater Campground 3.

Things we learned:

1. Man it’s really nice to have a pull thru site on a Friday evening when you are exhausted.

2. One thing I did not like about site 55 was that the position of the outdoor living space sat right in the direction of car headlights when they turned the corner in the evenings. This got annoying, but wasn’t a deal breaker.

3. Should probably have given this campground a chance much sooner, it’s only 8 miles from our house. We will be back, even after Mckinney opens back up.


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