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Coneross Campground


Coneross Campground Dock

Found a hidden gem on Lake Hartwell and can’t wait to go back!

We were visiting a friend in Townville, SC for the weekend and she just happens to live five minutes from Coneross Campground. It is a Corps of Engineers Park near the GA/SC border. I say hidden gem because when searching on Facebook groups it seems that most of the posts are older.


Coneross campground has 105 sites, twelve of them being primitive, non-hookup sites. We walked the entire campground Saturday morning and noticed that we would be really happy with the majority of the sites. The waterfront sites were just gorgeous! We didn’t book in time to have that as an option, but our site was great too!


The campground had three sections of sites. We were in the first section on the right. It had the prettiest beach, in my opinion. From the parking lot you walked through a large yard of trees providing shade, great for a picnic or putting up a hammock. There was a large playground before you walked onto the clean sand. This loop also had my favorite sites, when we come back I would hope to get in any of the sites 10-13.

The second section included some smaller loops in itself. We really liked the double sites from 46-52. These sites were huge with great access to the water, however some of them you HAD to have friends in the buddy site to coordinate exiting on the last day. There was also a path at the end of the road to get to the beach in our section. Site 39 is a large handicap site that includes concrete ramp down to the beach.


The second beach at Coneross Campground was located right in front of site 60. This would be great if you had kids and did not mind a lack of privacy. In the picture you can see the edge of the beach behind a family’s camper and truck.


Section three, 77-104, did not have a playground or a beach. Still, many of the sites in this section were waterfront. It did also include the primitive tent sites. This was probably our least favorite section.


We stayed in site 19 which turned out to be huge. I didn’t expect such a large and mostly private site. Number 19 would be perfect for a family with a camper AND a large tent. The picnic tables are large and made of concrete, but placed in a good location for the site. The fire pit was also large. The site had quite a bit of shade, but did get sun in the afternoon. I also noticed beyond the wood retaining wall there was quite a bit of poison ivy.

When we arrived Friday night at 9 p.m., we went to hookup and five minutes later realized our air conditioner wasn’t working. Sure enough our power box was not working so Heather headed down to the visitors gate to let them know. Quickly we realized that it wasn’t just our site, but the whole campground. We later found out from our friend that much of Townville was without power. Thankfully it came back on around midnight.

Site 19 Coneross

Saturday we spent much of the day at our friend’s house/dock. We went back at 6:30 to get the dogs and bring them over for a swim. Our friend Kendall took these really good photos of them.

Checkout is at 2 p.m., so Sunday we took our time packing up. We weren’t in a rush to drive through Atlanta again.

Being a holiday weekend/week I would have expected more people to be camping throughout the week, however many of the sites emptied out on Sunday. We were envious of those who were staying longer.


After our last camping trip, to Pine Ridge Campground, we arrived at home with a small nail in one of the trailer tires. By the next day it was flat. It was a first time for us, patching a tire and boy was it hard! Turns out all of our tires were sitting low. According to the side they should be at 65 PSI. We invested in an air compressor and I spent multiple days working on the flat tire. Before leaving for Coneross Campground we were set with all tires ready at 65 PSI and the patched tire was holding air well.

Sunday morning of our weekend trip we noticed it was sitting low. Part of our packing up was blowing the tire from 40 PSI back up to 65. Thankfully again we made it home, but before the next trip we will invest in a new tire. Next adventure—changing a tire on our camper for the first time.

Things we learned:

  1. How to patch a tire.
  2. We already knew this, but were lazy in reapplying the sunscreen. Lesson learned (again) with a terrible sunburn.


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